PEDL162 400 km2(Blocks NS 67,77,86,87)


Offshore block 113/29b

Reach CSG Operations

The area has a long history of oil and gas production. Three gas wells have been drilled near Salsburgh. The first, drilled in 1945, produced gas from the West Lothian Oil-shale Formation. In the city of Glasgow in 1989 a well was drilled, fracked and produced gas during a long-term production test. From 1903-1908 oil was produced from the St Flanans coal mine near Kirkintilloch. The first oil well in Scotland was drilled in 1919 at Mayfield near Edinburgh and the Midlothian oilfield and the Cousland gasfield, both near Edinburgh, produced during the 1940's and 50’s.. From 1851 to 1964 oil was produced by mining and retorting the geochemically immature shales near the surface in West Lothian. It is estimated that Scotland produced 75 million barrels of shale oil. Large quantities of shale gas were also produced and the gas was used to fuel the retorts and to produce large quantities of ammonia for fertiliser production. Bathgate was supplied with shale gas for street lighting during the 1850s.

Offshore Gas

ReachCSG has the offshore block 113/29b and the adjacent onshore blocks covering Walney Island and Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria.

Advances in drilling technology has enabled boreholes to be drilled from onshore deviated to reach the gas and oil offshore. This means that it is no longer necessary to lay new pipelines across the shoreline and so the environmental impact is greatly reduced.